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Wager, redistribution rate, freespins …

What is the wager at the online casino?

The wager is often accompanied by a deposit bonus offered by the casino.
The Wager allows casinos to avoid too many financial losses by imposing a mandatory wagering requirement before being able to withdraw winnings.

The mathematical calculation is very simple: You deposit 50€ and the online casino offers you 50€ as a bonus for a total of 100€. The wager is set by the online casino to X30, so you will have to wager 30 x (50+50) = €3000 in total.

You will have to bet 1€ per spin to reach the goal after 3000 spins.
A low wager will allow you to reach it while potentially being in profit.
We estimate that a wager over 60 becomes a « scam » because the chances of reaching the goal without financial losses is very low.

The conditions of setting :

Some players see their bonuses cancelled for not respecting the betting conditions.
In addition to wagering, some online casinos limit the bet per spin to prevent you from reaching wagering too quickly (logical …)
This is very easily avoidable, online casinos do not hide this condition, so you can find it very easily.

What are freespins?

Freespins are slot machine tricks offered by the online casino when you sign up as our partner who offers 100 freespins for your deposit of 20€ minimum: Click here to take advantage of it.

The value of the freespin can vary from 0.02 cents to 0.50 cents for the most generous online casinos or 100€!

Some online casinos multiply welcome bonuses, you can double your deposit and receive freespins!

The redistribution rate, what is it?

Online casinos have different payout rates. The payout rate is the total amount of players’ wagers returned to the players.
For example, an online casino that has a payout ratio of 96.2% will pay out 96.2% of the wagers to the players. The casino keeps « only » 3.8%.
It is more advantageous to play in online casinos because the rate is higher than in physical casinos.
Why is the payout rate higher? Online casinos are not subject to same law. Casinos practice higher rates to be more attractive to players.

What is the volatility of a machine?

Online casinos have different slot machines, some are more volatile than others. Your chances of winning are multiplied on some slots while on others your chances are decreased.
Volatile slots will make you win more often, but the winnings are quite low. The low volatile slots offer occasional jackpots to win which are very interesting! It is therefore up to the player to choose what he prefers when playing at the online casino: Having fun and winning small amounts or increasing the risk of losing his entire deposit by playing on machines that can bring him big money!

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