Gambling, big winners in this lockdown?

After 45 days of confinement, online casinos have seen an increase in their patronage.
In the misfortune of others, some find their happiness there, it is the case of online gambling operators such as casino games (slot machines, poker, blackjack etc.) who benefit from this confinement in this year 2020.

The world of gambling divided:

Bookmakers (sports betting) are suffering this period, with a drop in their HISTORICAL activity due to the cessation of almost all sports competitions.
Indeed, during April, the predictors could only bet on the Belarusian Football Championship. This has cooled down many of them. Betting on this little-known type of championship is like playing roulette.
Unibet or Winamax have done everything to limit the damage with promotions always more tempting for the players but nothing can be done about it, sports betting fans and especially football fans have no head left to play.

A glimmer of hope appears:

With the scheduled resumption of the German championship on the weekend of 16 May and the ongoing talks in other countries, bookmakers will be able to resume (almost) normal activity.

As for the online casinos, they would almost like to see the containment extended, as the figures are so exceptional. The expansion of online casino gambling was already under way long before containment, but the financial results expected for 2020 will be revised upwards.
A record year ahead.

Fewer players on bookmakers, more players on casinos.

An obvious correlation, sports bettors and poker / blackjack / slot machine players have a passion in common: gambling. Because yes, a prognosis, by definition, has an important part of chance, otherwise everyone would live from sports betting.

We can therefore imagine that bettors have rushed to French-speaking online gambling operators to get their dose of excitement. One thing is certain, this indirect publicity stunt created by VIDOC-19 will benefit every French-language online casino in the long term, thanks to the thousands of new registered customers who will be able to return to play occasionally on casino gaming platforms thanks to promotional emails that are increasingly advantageous for players. (Free spins without wager, deposit bonus, free bet etc…)

For our part, the My Casino Bookmakers team hopes you are doing well.