In general, there are two questions to ask to distinguish between the different types of players in poker:

  • Does he play few hands or many hands?
  • Is his play passive or aggressive?

Players who carefully select the cards they play are called « tight », while the most generous players are called « loose ». It is often advisable to be a « light » player against a « loose » player, and a « loose » player against a « light » player. If he bluffs, you have to be passive, and aggressive if the player becomes passive.

The « Rock » player

The « Rock » is a poker player who hardly plays at all. Why is that? Because he’s waiting for the best cards. When he starts to be active, make sure he has good cards in his hands.

If your opponent is a Rock, it’s a good idea to ignore him or her at first, and avoid him or her as soon as he or she wakes up. Beware! This player may suddenly start to raise and bet just for the bluff.

The Lion (the TAG)

He is a tight aggressive player who does not miss any winning opportunities. According to experts, he is the typical profile of a winning player. He engages fully in the game and raises systematically with the right cards. He has a very varied game and only bluffs if he senses a weakness in his opponent.

The Maniac

This type of poker player is « loose » and very aggressive. He can bluff at any time during the session and tries to force his way to the table. The opponent has to be very careful, as it is difficult to know what the « Maniac » has in his hand.

The Calling Station (the Elephant)

The Elephant is a passive and « loose » player. He just follows what other players do and knows only one move: the call. He rarely activates, even with better cards.

Note that this is the typical profile of the losing player.

The Donkey

He’s a bad player who makes stupid moves. He is usually « loose » and « passive », and can (sometimes) put all his money in the middle when he feels a bluff.

Remember that this player can change his style at any time during the game. Be careful!

It’s not enough to have a good hand to make money in poker, even in an online casino. It is also important to determine the type of the opponent in front of you. That way, you’ll have all the chances on your side to succeed in the game.